Mr. Home is your source for basement and home waterproofing in Western Massachusetts, Central Connecticut, or Northern Connecticut. Water is a major source of damage to your home. Whether it is your basement, foundation, roof or anything in between, don't wait until it's too late. Call the experts at Mr. Home.

What We Do

Sump Pumps Installed and Repaired
Walls and Floors Sealed
Drain Pipes Installed - Interior and Exterior

As the ground becomes saturated with water from the rainfall and the water table becomes higher, hydrostatic pressure starts building up both under and outside your basement walls and floors.  Thehydrostatic pressure builds up and needs to find a release.  Unfortunately it finds the cracks in your walls and floors caused by the expansion and contraction of the cement. 

When your home is constructed, the footer, walls, and floor are all poured separately.  This creates a potential problem with water pressure because you can never create a perfect seal with these three separate pours.  Water pressure will find the path of least resistance, which is usually right at the floor wall seam.  There are a number of ways to attempt to stop or plug this penetration, but with hydrostatic pressure it is only a matter of time before this attempt becomes fruitless.

The only true way to eliminate the water is to eliminate the pressure.  Whether it is with an internal or external system is dependent on what we find during our free inspection.  The following procedures are just a few of the methods that we utilize to eliminate the water penetration:

• Internal or External Curtain Drains

• Sump Pumps: